"I want to surround people with beauty that inspires, joyfulness that lifts the spirit, and functionality that calms the frenetic pace of daily life." - Nina Cuccio Peck

Established in 1986 and celebrating 30 years in business, Nina Cuccio Peck Architecture and Interiors offers complete architectural and interior design services, with projects that span the coastline from Nova Scotia to New York. Our firm specializes in the design of new, finely detailed custom homes, and the renovation and expansion of vintage homes. We have also been recognized for our designs of corporate offices, restaurants, and inns. No matter the size or style of the project, each design is distinguished by timelessness, elegance, and attention to proportion and detail.

In addition to fine architecture, our firm prides itself on its ability to integrate interior design into our comprehensive design schemes. One informs the other, and we feel that a well scaled and finely detailed house can only be achieved with an eye to the interiors and furnishings. These are the details that ultimately transform a house into a home.

Our team does not adhere to a specific architectural style. Rather, the goal of each project is to create intelligent and elegant designs that endure the test of time beyond fleeting trends. We feel that quality is infinitely more important than quantity, and recognize that the size of a house has no correlation to either the happiness of the owner or the skill of the architect. We are also committed to environmentally responsible design, with attention to the unique challenges, opportunities, and resources of the site.

Principal Nina Cuccio Peck received her undergraduate degree from Smith College, where she was awarded distinction for her thesis on geometry, proportion, and architecture. While completing her Master of Architecture at the University of Virginia, Nina studied abroad in Vicenza, Florence, and London, all of which are enduring sources of inspiration for her projects today. She later attended Columbia University, where she received her Master of Business Administration.

Nina's work has been published in The New York Times, New England Home, Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, Travel and Leisure, Better Homes and Gardens, Unique Homes, and Kitchen Design for the Twenty First Century.